Create folder C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\FloodLightPScmdlet and download source files under it.


Connect to FloodLight controller

# Import module
Import-Module FloodLightPScmdlet

# List cmdlets
Get-Command -Module FloodLightPScmdlet

# Connect to FloodLight controller
Connect-FLcontroller -ControllerIP -ControllerPort 8080 -ConnectionProtocol http

Using with Hyper-V

NOTE: You need latest version of FloodLight from GutHub and enabling virtual network module, look:

# Create virtual network
New-FLvirtualNetwork -NetworkID 10 -Name "Test Network 10" -Gateway

# Attach virtual machine to virtual network
$vm = Get-VM -Name "test_vm"
Add-FLhostToVirtualNetwork -NetworkID 10 -PortName $vm.VMName -MacAddress $vm.NetworkAdapters[0].MacAddress

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